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Working Groups

Community members working to grow African bioimaging


ABIC has launched three working groups focusing on distinct areas of importance for building capacity and awareness around bioimaging in Africa. These working groups consist of volunteer ABIC community members and the topics were selected by the community. The working groups meet online regularly to discuss and interrogate the challenges faced by the researchers and microscopists in Africa, and are working towards formulating strategies by which researchers, institutions, funding bodies, and policymakers can work together to address these needs.

If you would like to join a working group, please email


The training and education working group aims to facilitate educational and training initiatives to improve on the hard and soft skills of researchers in Africa. 

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Communication & Awareness Working Group

The communication and awareness working group aims to ensure that the community is kept informed about initiatives happening in ABIC & the global microscopy community.

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Access & Infrastructure Working Group

The access and infrastructure working group aims to promote access to microscopy technology for African researchers.

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